Our evolution in some essential facts


Antreprinza de Reparatii si Lucrari Cluj was founded in 1994 as an independent component in organizational terms, but without legal personality, being subordinated to DRDP Cluj, and taking since its incept the organizational structure of the road works division.


ARL Cluj-Napoca has become a company with legal personality by restructuring the National Administration of Roads – Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges Cluj.


The Building Multinational Group Strabag Austria, won the tender for the privatization of Antrepriza de Reparatii si Lucrari (ARL) Cluj. The price of the shares offered was 5.2 million euro. Strabag AG is one of the largest construction companies in Europe, with international experience in the construction field. In the past decade, the company has focused investments in emerging markets and acquired stakes in various companies with a similar profile in these countries.


Participation shares in profits and losses of the shareholders are:
– The company STRABAG AG – Austria is the majority shareholder with 98,59489661%;
– The company SBS STRABAG BAU HOLDING SERVICE GMBH owns 0,00001924%;
– MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT owns 1,40508415%.

The share capital of the company is 64.973.688,50 RON (close to 15 million euro).

The company has offices in 7 counties: Cluj, Alba, Bihor, Bistrita-Nasaud, Salaj, Satu-Mare and Maramures. All these offices are equipped with advanced facilities and qualified staff.