The company enjoyed a significant technological contribution from shareholders primarily resulted in:

  • Four asphalt plants: AMMANN şi BENNINGHOVEN type;
  • VÖGELE asphalt mixture pavers;
  • LIEBHERR loader;
  • BOMAG rollers;
  • LIEBHERR excavators;
  • NEW HOLLAND graders;
  • JCB backhoes;
  • MERCEDES and FORD dump trucks and cars.

ARL Cluj S.A. has two stations AMMANN UNIGLOBE 160 Q in Oradea – Bihor, Mogoseni – Bistrita Nasaud and two stations BENNINGHOVEN TBA 2000-UC at Sannicoara – Cluj, Tautii-Magheraus – Maramures, with a productivity of 160 t / h. The mixture produced is used for the execution of our projects or is delivered to third parties upon request.

The main features of Asphalt mixing stations:

  • Maximum production capacity of 160 t / h; plants can produce any type of asphalt mixture, including modified bitumen;
  • Storage capacity is 200 t of asphalt mixtures in four bunkers for BENNINGHOVEN stations and 170 t in 4 bunkers for AMMANN stations;
  • Bitumen storage capacity is 60 cubic meters in 3 tanks;
  • Filler storage capacity is 60 cubic meters in 3 tanks (2 tanks for products and one tank for rebounds);
  • The installations are equipped with 8 aggregate predispensers with a capacity of 12 cubic meters each.

The whole process is computerized, ensuring the monitoring and control of all operating parameters of the plant (temperatures, pressures, dosage etc.).

Stations meet European quality standards of the resulted products and the impact on the environment within the limits imposed by the European Community.

Environmental protection is achieved primarily through the use of electricity for heating the bitumen and the possibility of replacing fuel oil with natural gas for heating aggregates.

High storage capacity of asphalt mixtures ensure continuity in product delivery and enables simultaneous delivery of multiple types of asphalt.

To ensure full mobility of construction activity and road repairs, ARL Cluj SA has its own car park for the supply of materials required to manufacture and transport finished asphalt mixtures. ARL Cluj holds dumpers with capacities ranging from 16 to 30 t, trailers, trailer trucks for water, transport and commissioning, tar paving equipment for transportation and application of bitumen emulsions, asphalt truck treatment, asphalt bedding kits (pavers, rollers, cutting of joints), leveling equipment (dozers, autograder), excavation equipment (excavators, bulldozers, loaders).


As far as availability, our park equipment can be rented to third parties.