Wather, Sewerage and Treatment Plants

Sewerage projects developed by ARL Cluj SA:

  • Water supply and sewage in rural commune Barsau, Satu Mare county
  • Road sewage in Maguri Racatau, Cluj county
  • Asphalting streets, sewerage network expansion and modernization of the public square in Rodna, Bistrita Nasaud county.

Projects in progress:

  • Integrated project for rural water and sanitation in Berindu and Mihaesti villages, Sanpaul, Cluj county
  • Water supply in the commune Sânmihaiu de Câmpie, villages: Sălcuța, Zoreni, Stupini, La Curte, Brăteni and Sânmihaiu de Câmpie, Bistrița Năsăud county
  • Sewage in Dezmir and partly in Sannicoara and Apahida, Cluj county, implementing 38.7 km of new sewerage network
  • Sewerage in Nuşfalău, Sălaj county, implementing 18 km of new sewerage network
  • Sewerage network expansion in Păulești, Satu Mare county, Jokai Mor, Unirii, Viorele 1,2,3,4, Rândunelelor, Primăverii streets